Nathan File ’17 & Davenport’s Donut Club

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Nathan (Nate) File ’17 is a political science major who participates in such extracurricular activities  as the Yale Black Men’s Union and the Women’s Basketball Practice Squad. But, most eccentrically, he’s also one of the co-founders and leaders of Davenport’s very own Donut Club. Nate formed the Donut Club with then-suitemate Rob LaRose ’17 because Sports Illustrated ran an article last year about the Minnesota Viking’s Donut Club during the 2015-2016 school year. Rob is a huge Vikings fan, and so the pair of suitemates decided to make their own club. At the first meeting it was just the two of them and their suitemate Noah Asimow ’17. And, in the words of Nate, “it was amazing.”

For Nate and all those who have joined in on this weekly tradition, Donut Club is a really fun way to start the weekend. You can get some great donuts, talk with your friends about Friday night, and then can go back to bed (They meet at 8:50 AM). As much as it is peopled by Nate’s suite and friends, its inclusive in its very structure, and all are welcome to come grab a donut. Even Dean of Yale College Jonathan Holloway has stopped by a couple times for an early morning donut. Of course, only the most dedicated make the pre-9:00 AM trip every Saturday. As Nate said, “We have to do a lot of calling/waking people out of their beds usually, but they want to come. I know it.”


A group of Donut Club regulars. This, from December 2015 in the Club’s first weeks.


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