Swimming Gnomies!

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Posts! / Wednesday: Athletic Gnomies

This week in Davensports, the Yale Women’s Swimming and Diving team captured its first Ivy League championship trophy in twenty years! The team entered the championship undefeated, for the second year in a row, but this winning streak is the culmination of years of the team’s hard work to climb back to the top! Edging out Princeton and Harvard for the top spot, the Davenporters who helped bring Yale to victory are:

Olivia Loucks, ’17, Diving.

Lilybet Macrae, ’17, Diving.

Paulina Kaminski, ’18, Breaststroke/IM

McKenna Tennant, ’18, Diving.

Maddy Zimmerman, ’18, Butterfly.

Destiny Nelson, ’19, IM, Breaststroke, Backstroke.

Talbott Paulsen, ’19, Diving.

Charlotte O’Leary, ’20, Breaststroke.

Congratulations on the hard work gnomies! Check back in next week for more featured Davenport athletes.



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