Davenport in Whiff and Whim 2017-2018

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Posts! / Thursday: Artistic Gnomies

In February every year, the current classes of the two senior acapella groups, the Whiffenpoofs and Whim ‘n Rhythm, audition and “tap” the Yale juniors who will make up the following year’s groups.

Although no Davenporters were tapped for the 2017-2018 Whiffenpoofs, THREE Davenport juniors will be part of Whim ‘n Rhythm next year: Eva Branson, Summer Kim, and Haley Mitchell-Adams. They are featured in the above photo with the rest of their tap class! Mitchell-Adams will be coming  to Whim ‘n Rhythm from Mixed Company of Yale. Branson and Kim will be coming from Something Extra, for which Branson is the current business manager and Kim is the former musical director. Branson will be serving as the group’s assistant business manager and Kim will be serving as the assistant musical director.

Can’t wait to hear about their global travels next year!



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