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Friday: What's Going On in Dport / Posts!

This week in Davenport we celebrated Mardi Gras with a Louisiana Soiree on Saturday night and a dinner on Lundi Gras where the dining hall was closed off to transfers. The Soiree was so lit that people from other residential colleges climbed through windows to come enjoy the best college on Yale’s campus. The Bales Gitlin Band played with their most popular song being “Shout,” and Dean B played a couple songs with the band as well. Daniel Hamidi was so inspired by the music dancing all throughout the dining hall. Authentic Louisiana food was provided by the cooks including kings cakes directly from New Orleans.

On Sunday night, 10 to 12 students crowded around the television to watch the Oscars and indulge in snacks. Students were on the edge of their seats with the surprise ending of “Moonlight” as Best Picture.

On Friday in the Common Room, there will be a retirement for Barbara Munck after her 34 years of service in the Davenport office as administrative assistant. She is remembered as a hard working and lovable woman.

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