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This week in the arts, the sketch comedy group, Red Hot Poker, and the improvisation troop,  Viola Question, had a joint show in Morse/Stiles theater. The show featured Davenport’s own Charlie Lee in Red Hot Poker . Both groups killed the performance having the crowd roaring with laughter with their many sketches and skits.

There are not many upcoming arts performances in the next two weeks because most Davenporters will be on SPRANG BREAKKKKK! However, many vocally talented Davenporters are heading off in planes, trains, and cars to sing their hearts out around the world. Eva Branson, Allie Bensinger, Summer Kim, and Emily Everlith are heading off to Italy and London representing Something Extra and most importantly Davenport in Europe. Haley Mitchell-Adams and Emil Beckford are taking a road trip to Toronto representing Mixed Company. Camille Arboles is heading to Boston with Shades of Yale. Charlie Musoff, George Castillo, and Sammy Burton are flying to Miami then road tripping all the way back to New Haven. Cara Washington and Amrita Iyer are road tripping to Washington D.C. and back. Safe travels and healthy voices to all of our D-Porters!

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