Andrew Del Vecchio ’19: Dport IM Secretary & Yale’s Best Emailer

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Hi I’m Andrew! I am what some people might describe as “athletically minded, but not really athletic”. I am neither big nor strong nor exceptionally fast, but I love playing any type of sport. Because of that, I knew Intramural sports were going to be important to me while I am here at Yale. Davenport had a long history of success before my freshman year, as we won the Tyng Cup back in 2014 to complete the first-ever Triple Crown. But since then, we have hit a bit of a rough patch. We forfeit games, there aren’t many replies to our desperate e-mails, and we lost some of the energy and enthusiasm for Intramurals that we once had.

As Geoffrey Chaucer once put it, “Fam people just didn’t really care about D’Port IMs anymore.”

So I applied to become a Davenport IM Secretary to change that. I have always found IMs to be a convenient, fun way to relieve stress at the end of a day of classes, while being able to show my competitive side and make fun of TD kids. I wanted to bring back the commitment level we once had, and the best way to make that happen is to lead by example. So I brought the energy back to my position.

E-mails are great. College wouldn’t be fun without the dozens of emails you receive every week, whether it be Chief Ronnell A. Higgins, Susan Cahan, Notes from Woodbridge Hall, or the YCC surveys that you instantly delete. So I decided to have a little fun with the e-mails I send out to the sports that I manage, as well as to the Davenport community at the beginning of the IM Spring season, so people could have a laugh and get pumped for IMs at the same time.

Sometimes it requires Photoshop (all thanks to my time working for my high school newspaper), other times it requires excessive amounts of GIFs or jokes about the other colleges, but no matter what the idea or concept of the e-mail is, I try to make it unique and fun to read. I will likely fail miserably at some point, which is kind of a reoccurring theme in my life, but so far attendance at IMs this season has been up, and we are winning games! That’s all I could ever ask for, so I will keep doing my part to make it happen.


Andrew leading Davenport’s spirited Broomball team

P.S. come to IMs!!! Let me know if you ever want to play!

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