Kevin Kiernan ’18: Varsity Rower & Seasoned Dive Worker

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Hey I’m Kevin and I’m a junior in Davenport studying economics. I’m a heavyweight oarsman, a coffee addict (although even I appreciate the 100% good energy provided by Verb bars), and a Dive quesadilla craftsman.

For me the best part of my time at Yale has been rowing on the Heavyweight Crew Team, the finest bunch of lads you’ll find anywhere. I think being on a team is such a highlight for so many Yalies because sports are the best way to form deep and meaningful friendships and connections. Working hard day in and day out, and pushing yourself physically and mentally towards something you’re passionate about is one of the most rewarding experiences of all time. It bonds you permanently with the people you do it with and gives you an incredible feeling of satisfaction. It also doesn’t hurt that the program has been on the rise since I came in, with our Varsity boat winning two consecutive Ivy League championships and coming second at nationals last year. Rowing defines my Yale experience and I’m grateful to the guys on the team for making it so much fun.

Staying active in Davenport isn’t easy after balancing school, work, and rowing, but it’s definitely worth the late nights walking back from the Dive every other Thursday. Outside of the team, almost all my closest friends at Yale are in Davenport. They have been my support when I felt like I couldn’t handle overwhelming schoolwork and kept me grounded when I’ve gotten too focused on myself. Staying involved in the vibrant community that is Davenport is just one of the ways that I try to give back to the home away from home that has given me so much.


Kevin with his boat, the 2V, last year

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