Strangers in Davenport

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Friday: What's Going On in Dport / Posts! / Uncategorized

This week in Davenport there were no teas, no events, nothing but stress. However, we do have a special guest in Davenport this weekend. He has known Isa Mendia since they came out of the womb and is now residing in London. Davenport welcomes University of London’s architect student, Xavier de la Roche. Xavier moved to London from Miami when he was ten and has lived there ever since. He is about to finish his second of three years at the University and enjoys long walks on the beach and is single and ready to mingle. At this point in the interview, I introduced myself. Xavier has a lower helix piercing and recounted the story of obtaining this piercing during one of his many nights out in the city of London. He and his four other friends got friendship piercings at two in the morning before heading back to their rooms to catch some shut eye before their tutorials (what the British call tutors). Xavier’s favorite film is “Drive” with Ryan Gosling and expressed his love for Gosling’s directing style. If Xavier sounds like your perfect man you can catch him walking around campus with Isa and at the pineapple party this weekend.


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