Kyle Deakins ’18: One Politically Active Gnomie!

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Posts! / Tuesday: A Gnotable Gnomie!

Hi, I’m Kyle! I’m a Junior in D’port and I’m studying Political Science. I spend more or less every minute that I’m not in class in the Davenport library, the Dive, or in my room watching YouTube, and I’m pretty sure that I’ve only eaten in a different dining hall once this year.

I’ve been working as the videographer for the Yale Dems for most of the spring semester, and I recently finished up work on a Bulldog Days promo video. The project has been fun and rewarding for me, as I’ve been able to unite two of my passions, politics and film, and I’m working on something that has potential to make a tangible difference. Our DCC President @tresajoseph suggested that I be on this blog for the video, but really, I’d rather talk about what my future suite has in store…

I’m excited to be a part of the Cottage next year, and we’re all looking forward to hosting some of the best D’port social events you’ve ever been to. I’m talkin’ decades parties, holiday events, maybe even a potential darty? Who knows, the possibilities are endless. We’re trying to dig up all of the old Davenport traditions to bring back to life, and maybe start some of our own, and we hope to see all of you around next year!

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