Last Week to Say You are Interested in an Event Then ACTUALLY Go!

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This weekend and upcoming week is jam packed for Davenporters with exams, papers, and performances coming up. This weekend we have Sara Meyers (president of Yale Dancers), Allie Bensinger, and senior Kaylyn Williams performing in Educational Centers Art with Yale Dancers. This is Kaylyn’s last show so go out and see her kill it on stage.

Tonight, Red Hot Poker is performing at their biggest venue to date in Sudler Hall for their annual Most Offensive Show Ever Show (MOSES). DPort freshman Charlie Lee and senior Sophie Dillon will be performing for with the comedy group so if exams or papers have had you down go down to WLH to have some laughs.

Before Red Hot Poker if you want to swing by WORD Presents: The 40-Year-Old WORDgin and get a double dose of Sophie Dillon and Arya Sundaram performing original spoken word.

This Saturday, Danceworks is putting on two shows with Nick Friedlander on lights, Rushea Bartley and Daniel Robinson. Danceworks is Yale’s non-audition dance company that showcases the talents of every level of dance and every type of dance.

YSO also has its finale concert of the year: Mahler FIVE this Saturday.  Go out and support fellow gnomes George Gemelas ’18, Kimberly Lai ’18, Hannah Lawrence ’19, Monica Barbosa ’19, Dennis Zhao ’19, and Sofia Checa ’20.

Next week Sabrosura is having their annual Spring showcase in OBT with dancers including David Villacis, Stephanie Fernandez, and Victoria Solomon (president).  Nick Friedlander and Rushea will be designing lights. I have personally seen snippets of many of these dances and I can say that this show is a must see. From salsa to bachata to merengue to lambada, Sabro represents the dances of many Latin American countries that have been an important part of their culture for centuries.

Go out and support our artistic gnomies before its too late! Change your interested to going and see some of Davenport’s very own perform for some for the last time.

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