Baseball season a near home-run

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Uncategorized / Wednesday: Athletic Gnomies

The men’s baseball team, reported on earlier on The Faces of Davenport are fulfilling all the promise they showed at the beginning of the semester. The Elis absolutely crushed Dartmouth in a double header last Sunday. While they weren’t able to have a total victory against Dartmouth through the four game series, with one loss and one win on Monday, they are closer than ever to edging out their greatest rival from the championship series. If the Bulldogs win one more game, (or for Dartmouth to have one loss) to be ensured a spot in the Ivy League Championship. Furthermore, the Elis are favored to win the Ivy League spot in the NCAA championship considering their stunning victories over Penn and Princeton, the leaders in the other Ivy League Baseball division.


Next weekend there is another four game series, this time against Brown. Make sure to wish Tom Fuller (DC’19) good luck for what is sure to be an epic match!



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