Bill Storandt, JD Day, Freshman Initiation, and water color!

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Friday: What's Going On in Dport / Uncategorized

This week in Davenport is hopping with farewells, hellos, and pretty colors!

Our beloved writing tutor Bill Storandt is retiring after many years of sharp and dedicated service to the Davenport college community. Make sure you drop a line to show your appreciation!

Meanwhile, you can check out the gallery for a vibrant display of student talent. Adam van Doren’s water color course has a lovely display currently in the art gallery. Make sure you compliment the featured gnomies on their fine work!

This Friday, the last day of classes, is JD Day. Fun, games, crepes, and more! Make sure you hit the D-port courtyard from 2-5. (You need a sticker to be a part of the festivities!)

Finally, our dear freshgnomes are being initiated into college life! You can see d-port freshman wandering around with their party hats, turned gnome hats, in some light-hazing to earn admission into their reward on the third day!

Have a good last week of classes! Keep your eyes peeled for reading week study breaks!

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