Lilla Brody ’18: A Theatrical Gnomie

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Hi! I’m Lilla Brody! I’m a senior in Davenport. I’m a Theater Studies, Cognitive Science double major. I’m obsessed with my college and virtually never leave the confines of 248 York Street. All my favorite people at Yale are in Davenport. On campus, I do theatre (just down the block at 220 York, because I refuse to go any further), interview applicants at the admission office, and I have been a dive worker every semester since sophomore year!  You can catch me down in the Dive every other Monday, acting as if it’s my own personal karaoke hour.
Davenport means the world to me, and I live right on the courtyard so I can hear absolutely everything that happens in the college (xoxo, gossip girl). If you wanna see me in action WAY outside the bounds of Davenport, come see me in my thesis play “Good People” by David Lindsay-Abaire November 9-11 all the way at the Whitney Humanities Center!! It features some amazing gnomies in the production team, such as Emma Levine ’20, Cara Washington ’18, Annie Jones ’18, and Mert Dilek ’18. I really appreciate the chance to be the gnotable gnomie (shoutout Isabel Mendía) after begging to be one for a little over a semester.
Peace, love, and magic bars,

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  1. davida wills hurwin says

    You continue to be amazing.
    And all this time I thought you were still here in the office.


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