Daniel Diaz-Vita ’19: Everyone’s favorite socially conscious Gnomie

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Posts! / Tuesday: A Gnotable Gnomie!

Hi! I’m Daniel Diaz-Vita and I’m a junior in Davenport! I’m majoring in Statistics and Data Science.

I love Davenport so much that most of my extracurricular activities revolve around it. I’m an aid in the Head of College and I’m a Communication and Consent Educator (CCE). You can catch me answering phone calls and hanging out with Brenda and Shaff on Mondays, Wednesday, Fridays in the office or just restocking the condoms on Tuesday nights. I’m also literally always here studying either in the common room or the seminar room with my friends so say hi! I’m also on the e-board for Camp Kesem so if you want to get involved in that shoot me an email. Kesem will change your life!

One more thing, I’m from Las Vegas and a recent massacre has left my hometown, the country, and the world in shock. I urge anyone that reads this to please donate to https://www.gofundme.com/dr2ks2-las-vegas-victims-fund. Everything and anything helps!

Thank you so much.

With Dport love,

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