Our Newest Artsy Gnomes!

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Posts! / Thursday: Artistic Gnomies

The performing arts has always been a huge part of Yale undergraduate life. This year, many of our Davenport first years got into some of the premier groups on campus:

A Capella & Choir

  • Duke’s Men: Francis Kigawa & Noah Parnes
  • Glee Club: Josh Brooks, Eric Liu, & Divine Uchegbu
  • Mixed Company: Matthew Sáenz
  • Out of the Blue: Kevin Chen
  • Proof of the Pudding: Annie Nields, Kai Nip, & Becca Rubright
  • Unorthojocks: Freddie Elwes


  • Bhangra: Neha Verma
  • Groove: Cosette Davis
  • Rangeela: Neelam Shaikh
  • Rhythmic Blue: Keri Wilson
  • Sabrosura: Steven Barbee
  • Taps: Angele Kelly

Improv & Comedy

  • Lux Improvitas: Tully Goldbrick
  • The Good Show: Jamie Large
  • The Viola Question: Lindsay Daugherty


  • Berkeley College Orchestra: Kevin Tang
  • Davenport Pops Orchestra: Kevin Li
  • Yale Symphony Orechestra: Epongue Ekille & Julia Hossain

Spoken Word

  • Oye!: Sekou Conde

Also, stay tuned for information about performances for the above groups as well as theater performances.

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