Lea Rice ’18: One Sporty & Charming Gnomie!

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Hello there! I’m Lea, and I’m a senior in Davenport. Though I live off-campus in a coven with fellow gnome and theatrical powerhouse Cara Washington, there’s nowhere that makes me happier than the fair grounds of Davenport. When not updating my rankings of the best and worst hot chocolates in New Haven (give up, @ Blue State), I can be found hanging out with the good people of The Cottage (TM).

Much of my time at Yale has been devoted to club sports. Club sports have neither the funding of varsity athletics nor the bloodthirsty, competitive rage of IMs. Twice a week, plus Sundays, the Yale Women’s Club Soccer team can be found hustling in mismatched uniforms on a field that’s littered with bottle caps and, sometimes, baby carrots. As the team’s goalkeeper, I do less running and more rolling on the ground than the other athletes. I get to play alongside women from all over campus, including several other gnomes, the majority of whom have the surname Tobin. We’re united by a common reluctance to leave our former legacies as high school athletes behind us, and we’re lucky enough to play some competitive soccer together.

I’m also on the club ski team, which welcomes people from all levels of experience with ski racing, though I’ve been racing nearly my whole life. Starting after winter recess, I spend most weekends with the ski team, up north in Vermont or the Adirondacks. Though nothing compares to skiing my home mountain New Hampshire, I don’t know what I’d do without the opportunity to get out on a race course every weekend, and there’s nothing like the snowy landscapes of northern New England in winter.

Davenport has been a constant in my time at Yale, and I would encourage everyone to take advantage of everything that the community can offer. The Dive, study breaks, the best ice cream topping bar at Yale,as of 2017—all of these, yes, but mainly: Louisiana Soiree. See you there.


Our gnotable gnomie at the Louisiana Soiree with Tresa Joseph DC ’18

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