Charlie Musoff ’20: One Enthusiastic & Talented Gnomie!

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Hey, I’m Charlie, and I’m a sophomore in Davenport this year! As most of my friends can attest, living in the crosspiece (N31) this year has become a defining feature of my personality, for better or for worse. I adore greeting Rhonda and Shaff every time I leave my room, making the commute to the library in under a minute, having roof access (shh), and, probably most importantly, resurrecting almost-forgotten Davenport traditions (see you Friday…). I probably reiterate all of this to a majority of the people I know on a regular basis. The only downside of living in the crosspiece is that anyone trying to steal from innocent Davenporters (looking at you, Pumpkin Thieves 2017) can come right up to my unlocked suite whenever the Dean’s Office is open, so until 5pm (5:01 is late).

When I’m not on the border between the two most beautiful courtyards on campus, I wield 3-D clitorides (yes, that is the plural of clitoris) in New Haven public high schools as a sex ed teacher with Community Health Educators, sing in the absence of musical accompaniment (this really niche thing called a cappella) with the Baker’s Dozen, and do my best to make science not gibberish as a writer for Yale Scientific Magazine. I am also a pre-med MCDB major with a specific interest in queer health, and in my free time, I run all over the city, make especially inflexible attempts at yoga, and cackle at hummus memes (worth checking out, I promise). And then at the end of the day I scurry back to 248 York and resume basking in the glory of my college.

The bottom line is that I love the Davenport community immeasurably. A friend said to me the other day, “I feel like everyone in Davenport loves Davenport.” Yeah, duh. But it’s not by chance. Thank you, fellow Davenporters, for making my first year and change at Yale so warm and fuzzy!




Charlie performing with his acapella group, The Baker’s Dozen.

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