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Wednesday: Athletic Gnomies

There is so much hype for the Yale-Harvard Football game this Saturday. But other Gnomies will be competing this Friday and Saturday!

Yale Women’s Hockey has two home games on Friday and Saturday against Colgate and Cornell respectfully. After their successful weekend defeating Dartmouth (5-1) and tying with Harvard (2-2), these bulldogs are hungry for more wins!

Yale’s Women’s Basketball has an away game on Sunday against University of Kansas.

If you get tired of the Football scene, make it out to the hockey games to support these Gnomies! And wish the basketball team good luck in their away game!

Gnomies on the Women’s Hockey Team 

Sophie Verneou ’20

Emma Vlasic ’19

Kara Drexler ’18

Gnomies on the Basketball Team

Roxie Barahman ’20

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