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Mellon Forum: Isabel Mendia & Isaak Cuenco-Reyes

Davenport seniors Isabel Mendia and Isaak Cuenco-Reyes presented their research at the fourth Mellon Forum of the year. Isaak, a Political Science major, discussed how minorities are underrepresented as the staffers of campaigns, even in progressive campaigns. They explained why this is an important problem to solve, because it turns out that the priorities of campaign staffers (i.e. the people who have the candidates’ ears) strongly influence whose doors gets knocked on to get out the vote. This, then, correspondingly affects which legislative issues get campaigned on and prioritized during the legislative session. They talked about their organization, Campaign for America, which tries to help staffers get matched up with campaigns via funding & recruitment. Isabel, a History major, talked about historiographical perceptions of female rulers in Early Modern England, which were overwhelmingly positive compared to current perceptions. She discussed the Holinshed Chronicles, which is a foundational document of British history. This is the same document on which Shakespeare based his histories. She discussed how the authors of the chronicles described the women in androgynous ways. For example, the women were described as “male” whenever doing something politically good despite being mothers of children.

Harvest Dinner

Tonight, the dining hall will be having its annual Harvest Dinner. Come experience all the fixings of a traditional Harvest Dinner with a twist. The menu includes: deep fried turkey, cornbread stuffing, cranberry Sauce, mashed potatoes, and much more. Davenport Dining will also feature a Bananas Foster Station. Off Campus students are welcomed to join!


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