Senior Events and The Art of Watercolor

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Friday: What's Going On in Dport / Posts!

Martini Making Event

On Monday night, Head of College John Witt and international man of mystery and Columbia Law School professor, Philip Bobbitt, hosted a Martini-Making Session for seniors. Seniors who attended described it as a “once in a lifetime experience.”


The Art of Watercolor: A Student Exhibition

Last night, Professor Adam van Doren hosted the gallery opening for his freshman seminar, The Art of Watercolor. This class will again be taught in the spring as a College Seminar. The exhibit will be up in the Davenport Gallery for the next couple of weeks. Stop by and see the awesome work his students have been doing all semester!



Barracuda Senior Happy Hour

Last night, 30 Davenport seniors got together at Barracuda for a happy hour event organized by DCC. It was a great study break for seniors who are finishing up their senior projects and theses for the semester. Everyone had a fun time catching up with friends and eating areas and yuca fries. Stay tuned for more senior events next semester!


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