Our First Gnominated Gnomie: Hudson Walberg ’19

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Posts! / Tuesday: A Gnotable Gnomie!

Hudson Walberg ’19 is the first Gnotable Gnomie chosen not by this college employee, but by the people of Davenport college! He received not one, but two nominations, because of how important he is to the Davenport community!

Hudson, in the words of Cody Clements ’19, is “the reigning DCC President and does so much for the D’port community. He’s just an all-around awesome guy.”  He’s more than just a hard-working Dporter though, as Chaney Kalinich ’19 shares that Hudson “is in Air Force ROTC and recently, he was offered (an accepted) a spot to become a pilot (which is really cool). He also is doing a stellar job of overcoming a major setback to his ROTC (and frisbee) career after tearing his ACL last summer. He also is just an incredibly friendly and thoughtful person; I don’t know that I’ve ever seen him in a bad mood, and he is always trying to brighten his friend’s days.”

Keep brightening your fellow gnomies’ days, Hudson!

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