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Thursday: Artistic Gnomies

New Blue Presents: The Adventures of Jamcy Drew
Gnomies: Anelisa Fergus ’19, Amrita Iyer ’20

Calling all amateur sleuths! Come join The New Blue as they solve the mystery of their 49th annual Spring Jam: The Adventures of Jamcy Drew! Don’t forget your check list and magnifying glass!

See them perform: Friday at 8:00pm in Center Church on the Green

Ménage à Trois
Gnomie: Charlie Lee ’20

Bear witness to Yale’s first ever coast-to-coast comedy ménage à trois. Join The Fifth Humour and Red Hot Poker as they perform alongside Fourth Quarter All-Stars, a sketch comedy group from USC! Whether you speak the language of comedy, the language of love, or the language of French, you’re sure to have a great time!

See them perform: Friday at 8:00pm in the Hopper Cabaret

Gnomie: Noah Parnes ’21

In Melanie Marnich’s play Quake, time and emotion pass in a warped instant. Lucy crosses state lines and fault lines, exploring the geography of the human heart on a quest for the ‘big love’. Her journey is intertwined with that of an astrophysicist turned serial killer. This play evokes questions about self-exploration, toxic masculinity, sexuality, intimacy, platonic relationships, and the dangers of idyllic love.

See them perform: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 8:00pm in the Yale Repertory Theater



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