Davenport Seniors Discuss Their Academic Passions from the Environment to Film

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Mellon Forum: George Gemelas & Cyrus Duff

Davenport seniors George Gemelas and Cyrus Duff presented on their academic and extracurricular senior projects this week. George Gemelas, an Ethics, Politics, & Economics major, talked about the nationwide student movement he has been working on for the past year, Students for Carbon Dividends (S4CD). In discussing this year-long project. George highlighted the importance of human connection in making someone else passionate about one’s own passions. He described the work he has been doing to bring together student groups from both sides of the political aisle and the importance of  S4CD as a bipartisan climate change solution. For more information on S4CD, click here.


Cyrus Duff, a Music major, shared his thoughts on talking about film making, especially with regards to the acousmaticity of film. Cyrus has been working on an independent film project, Plain Fiction, as its director since the spring of 2016. For more information on this project, click here.



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