Premier Discussions

Lunch with Evan Wolfson Davenport students got a rare opportunity to speak with Evan Wolfson, a renowned gay rights advocate, and founder and president of Freedom to Marry at a lunch in the Dining Hall with Head J-Witt on Monday October 2nd. Wolfson, who teaches at Georgetown Law School, discussed his experience fighting for marriage rights starting with [...]

Davenport’s First Tea of the Year: Conchita Cruz LAW ’16

Davenport's College Tea with Conchita Cruz was featured in the YDN last week: Davenport College Tea addresses refugee advocacy by Conor Johnson. Conchita Cruz is a lawyer and activist who co-founded the Asylum Seeker Advocacy Project (ASAP) with four Yale law students in 2015.  She discussed asylum law and advocacy for Central American refugees. “We set [...]

Bill Storandt, JD Day, Freshman Initiation, and water color!

This week in Davenport is hopping with farewells, hellos, and pretty colors! Our beloved writing tutor Bill Storandt is retiring after many years of sharp and dedicated service to the Davenport college community. Make sure you drop a line to show your appreciation! Meanwhile, you can check out the gallery for a vibrant display of [...]