Leyla McCalla’s Haitian folk music comes to Davenport !

World renowned Haitian folk singer Leyla McCalla held an intimate concert in the Davenport Common Room this past Wednesday. With her smoky vocals and manifold instrumental talents, Ms. McCalla's songs touched on everything from politics, to family and even to whiskey drinking. Over 80 people came out to the performance hosted by Dean Ryan Brasseux [...]

Senior Events and The Art of Watercolor

Martini Making Event On Monday night, Head of College John Witt and international man of mystery and Columbia Law School professor, Philip Bobbitt, hosted a Martini-Making Session for seniors. Seniors who attended described it as a "once in a lifetime experience." The Art of Watercolor: A Student Exhibition Last night, Professor Adam van Doren hosted the [...]

Empathy & Emotion in Performance + Soup Kitchen Volunteers

Mellon Forum: Lilla Brody and Sam Gurwitt Davenport seniors Sam Gurwitt and Lilla Brody presented their research at the fifth Mellon Forum of the year. They both discussed how they use their other academic interests to inform and inspire their performances. Sam, a History major, is also a very talented clown, who had to decide [...]

Politics & Turkey

Mellon Forum: Isabel Mendia & Isaak Cuenco-Reyes Davenport seniors Isabel Mendia and Isaak Cuenco-Reyes presented their research at the fourth Mellon Forum of the year. Isaak, a Political Science major, discussed how minorities are underrepresented as the staffers of campaigns, even in progressive campaigns. They explained why this is an important problem to solve, because it [...]