Bill Storandt, JD Day, Freshman Initiation, and water color!

This week in Davenport is hopping with farewells, hellos, and pretty colors!

Our beloved writing tutor Bill Storandt is retiring after many years of sharp and dedicated service to the Davenport college community. Make sure you drop a line to show your appreciation!

Meanwhile, you can check out the gallery for a vibrant display of student talent. Adam van Doren’s water color course has a lovely display currently in the art gallery. Make sure you compliment the featured gnomies on their fine work!

This Friday, the last day of classes, is JD Day. Fun, games, crepes, and more! Make sure you hit the D-port courtyard from 2-5. (You need a sticker to be a part of the festivities!)

Finally, our dear freshgnomes are being initiated into college life! You can see d-port freshman wandering around with their party hats, turned gnome hats, in some light-hazing to earn admission into their reward on the third day!

Have a good last week of classes! Keep your eyes peeled for reading week study breaks!

Bye Dr. S :(

This week in Davenport!

Dr. S had his final Davenport tea this Monday with Lucas Guttentag where he spoke about immigration.

We had a very very special announcement. On Tuesday we welcomed the new head of college John Witt! He has two sons, a wife, and most importantly a dog, PIXIE! His wife is quoted as “renouncing all ties to Berkeley” her previous and lesser residential college. President Salovey could not speak due to injuries sustained to his vocal cords during The Harvard-Yale Game (Go Yale Beat Harvard!), so Dean Holloway gave the speech. We are so excited to welcome Head of College Witt this fall!

Strangers in Davenport

This week in Davenport there were no teas, no events, nothing but stress. However, we do have a special guest in Davenport this weekend. He has known Isa Mendia since they came out of the womb and is now residing in London. Davenport welcomes University of London’s architect student, Xavier de la Roche. Xavier moved to London from Miami when he was ten and has lived there ever since. He is about to finish his second of three years at the University and enjoys long walks on the beach and is single and ready to mingle. At this point in the interview, I introduced myself. Xavier has a lower helix piercing and recounted the story of obtaining this piercing during one of his many nights out in the city of London. He and his four other friends got friendship piercings at two in the morning before heading back to their rooms to catch some shut eye before their tutorials (what the British call tutors). Xavier’s favorite film is “Drive” with Ryan Gosling and expressed his love for Gosling’s directing style. If Xavier sounds like your perfect man you can catch him walking around campus with Isa and at the pineapple party this weekend.


The (Steven) Bright Light for Criminal Justice

This week in Davenport we held a tea with guest Steven Bright who is an advocate of Criminal Justice reform in the South.

During this tea he affirmed that courts of profit cannot also be courts of justice, often certain courts operate without lawyers even. He recounted many stories of the cases he worked with including one of a man who burned leaves in his yard, was arrested, and fined $500. This man was allowed to pay installments because he couldn’t pay full lump sum but, had to be on probation during that time. A private probation facility costs $40 per month and when Bright found him he owed over $600 on a $500 fine.

Many of the people Bright is fighting for stay in jail for weeks at a time because they lack access to lawyers. Some offered release only for a guilty plea.

Another case Bright worked on was about a women’s husband who died because she was held in jail without a conviction and couldn’t drive him to dialysis. The system is the punishment in some cases. In hers, her conviction was thrown out but only after she missed her husband’s funeral.

95% of all prosecutors in the country are white men. The discretionary decisions after the arrest may lead to the accused receiving the death penalty and the demographics of the prosecutors creates an inherent bias in the use of the death penalty. This is why certain counties can have super high rates of death penalty charges compared to others.

Counties like Harrison county Texas (Houston) have more death penalty charges than any other county in the states. There’s a lethal combination of an aggressive prosecutor’s office and a terrible public defendant’s office.

Rows of black men are often paraded into the Courthouse and told at the same time to plead guilty. Bright is quoted as saying, “It’s like a slave ship has been parked outside the courthouse. People are being processed like hamburgers at McDonalds”

Bright gave lasting advice that “Our lives are not our own. They belong to people that need us desperately.”

Why aren’t I this talented

This week and weekend we have so many DPorters participating in awesome shows!  Isabelle Savoie ’17 and Julianne Kennedy ’17 are singing in the 36th anniversary of Whim ‘n Rhythm’s Jam today at 7:00. A Different Drum Dance Company has their Spring Showcase from today until April 1 including Welch’s own FroCo, Isabel Cruz ’17, and Holly Taylor ’17. After their awesome trip to Puerto Rico, Red Hot and Blue is having their “Jamily Reunion” tomorrow starring Dani Schulman ’20 and Tom Battles ’20. Go out and support our fellow Davenporters this weekend!



This week in Davenport, Glen Miranker came to the college to talk about his professional experiences. After co-founding and/or serving in executive positions at several Silicon Valley start-ups, Miranker was invited by Steve Jobs to join Next Computer in 1990 and Apple Computer in 1996. For most of his tenure at Apple, he ran hardware development and served as Apple’s Chief Technology Officer (Hardware), retiring in 2004. Miranker now devotes himself to book collecting, lecturing and assisting special collections departments and boards. He also collects and lectures on the history of cryptography and is a director of the National Cryptologic Foundation.

He talked about his time working with Steve Jobs where he quoted him as saying that taking a year off was a “f**king stupid idea” and his experience curating exhibitions for Sir Arthur C. Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes at Harvard and for city of London. With respect to his work with Apple, he spoke about his particularity for wanting the devices to be perfect. Everything counted; the form and function of the machine and he became infected with the religion of trying to mold a better device that helps people in profound ways.

Alan Cumming Came and Left With Wind

Alan Cumming came to talk at the house on Tuesday night. He took questions from the audience but also asked Yalies about their experience with professors for his next role as a Yale Professor. You might remember him as your favorite childhood villain, Fegan Floop, from Spy Kids 3D. During the talk he is quoted as saying, “As a human being i have a responsibility to speak out against injustice.” He also talked about the differences in the education system between the US and the UK and threw shade at liberal arts in general. He supported his claim by saying “When my niece is graduating college and doesn’t have an idea of what she will be doing, that scares me.” Cumming gave advice to Yale students on how to achieve life fulfillment encouraging students to not be afraid of ending toxic relationships and burning bridges to feel happiness.  After the talk Alan Cummings left as fast as he came.

On Wednesday night, Jay Gitlin and Adam Van Doren gave a talk about the New Yorker and the Yale connection to its cartoons.  In 2000, Adam Van Doren directed a movie on the creation of the New Yorker and its founder Harold Ross.  Van Doren showed clips of his film, and Gitlin explained the importance of cartoons and how Yale alums played a role in the New Yorker’s beginning.

This past weekend DCC hosted a ice skating trip which students raved about when they returned. Some people had a couple bruises, but in all it was a fun day for Davenporters.

That’s all for this week in Davenport 😉