Final Gnotable Gnomie of the Year: Isabel Mendia ’18

Hi Team! The final gnotable gnomie of the 2016-2017 school year is me (Isabel Mendia, DC ’18), the writer of this very blog! Davenport is one of my favorite places in the world. I’ve been an Aide here since October of my freshman year, have been a Dive Worker since my freshman spring, and have been the Davenport theater liaison since one of my first conversations with Barbara Munck that same year. I have directed the Davenport Holiday Play three years in a row, and this year was a co-writer of the original “musical” The Gnome Who Stole Christmas.  Next year, I’ll be one of the inaugural members of the first coed Cottage in Davenport history!

When not spending all of my time in the Dive, the Dport Dining Hall, or reading in the Dport Courtyard when the weather is nice, I am probably working on a Yale theater production or doing my radio show for WYBC-Yale Radio.

Thanks for sticking around and see you in the fall for more introductions to the special people that make up our college!

Me hanging out in the Davenport Office with fellow DPort employees (a Froco and two aides) and Dean B.

Davenport’s Proud History of Raising Famous Historians (Pt. 1)

Hello loyal readers.  This OurDavenport contributor remembers a final paper she wrote at around this time last year–it was 20 pages analyzing a collection of Romanov photo albums that we have here at Yale University.  And her go-to secondary sources were three books all written by a historian named Robert K. Massie. Massie is a Pulitzer Prize winning historian who focuses on the Romanov dynasty (Russia’s royal family from 1613 to 1917).

And Massie studied United States and European history when he was a Davenporter at Yale!  From there he went on to be a Rhodes Scholar and a journalist for Newsweek and the Saturday Evening Post.  In 1867, before moving to France with his family, he published his breakthrough book (which was, again, very helpful for someone’s final paper) called Nicholas and Alexandra. It is a biography of the last Emperor and Empress of Russia. Interestingly, Massie moved his historical focus to the Romanovs when his son Robert was born with hemophilia, a disease which also afflicted Nicholas and Alexandra’s son, Alexis. Robert and his then-wife Suzanne wrote about French and American health care systems and about their experience having a son with hemophilia in their 1975 book, Journey.  In 1981, Massie won the Pulitzer Prize for Biography for Peter the Great: His Life and World.  Massie has gone on to write a number of books since 1981, including most recently,  Catherine the Great: Portrait of a Woman, published in 2011.  This book won the 2012 Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Nonfiction and the PEN/Jacqueline Bograd Weld Award for Biography.

Nicholas and Alexandra was turned into an 1971 Oscar-winning movie and Peter the Great was the inspiration for a 1986 Emmy-Award winning NBC miniseries.

Last Week to Say You are Interested in an Event Then ACTUALLY Go!

This weekend and upcoming week is jam packed for Davenporters with exams, papers, and performances coming up. This weekend we have Sara Meyers (president of Yale Dancers), Allie Bensinger, and senior Kaylyn Williams performing in Educational Centers Art with Yale Dancers. This is Kaylyn’s last show so go out and see her kill it on stage.

Tonight, Red Hot Poker is performing at their biggest venue to date in Sudler Hall for their annual Most Offensive Show Ever Show (MOSES). DPort freshman Charlie Lee and senior Sophie Dillon will be performing for with the comedy group so if exams or papers have had you down go down to WLH to have some laughs.

Before Red Hot Poker if you want to swing by WORD Presents: The 40-Year-Old WORDgin and get a double dose of Sophie Dillon and Arya Sundaram performing original spoken word.

This Saturday, Danceworks is putting on two shows with Nick Friedlander on lights, Rushea Bartley and Daniel Robinson. Danceworks is Yale’s non-audition dance company that showcases the talents of every level of dance and every type of dance.

YSO also has its finale concert of the year: Mahler FIVE this Saturday.  Go out and support fellow gnomes George Gemelas ’18, Kimberly Lai ’18, Hannah Lawrence ’19, Monica Barbosa ’19, Dennis Zhao ’19, and Sofia Checa ’20.

Next week Sabrosura is having their annual Spring showcase in OBT with dancers including David Villacis, Stephanie Fernandez, and Victoria Solomon (president).  Nick Friedlander and Rushea will be designing lights. I have personally seen snippets of many of these dances and I can say that this show is a must see. From salsa to bachata to merengue to lambada, Sabro represents the dances of many Latin American countries that have been an important part of their culture for centuries.

Go out and support our artistic gnomies before its too late! Change your interested to going and see some of Davenport’s very own perform for some for the last time.

Bye Dr. S :(

This week in Davenport!

Dr. S had his final Davenport tea this Monday with Lucas Guttentag where he spoke about immigration.

We had a very very special announcement. On Tuesday we welcomed the new head of college John Witt! He has two sons, a wife, and most importantly a dog, PIXIE! His wife is quoted as “renouncing all ties to Berkeley” her previous and lesser residential college. President Salovey could not speak due to injuries sustained to his vocal cords during The Harvard-Yale Game (Go Yale Beat Harvard!), so Dean Holloway gave the speech. We are so excited to welcome Head of College Witt this fall!

Men’s Lacrosse Closer to Ivy League Title

The Yale Men’s Lacrosse team fought off the Brown Bears last Saturday in Reese Stadium. The Elis were able to beat out Brown, with a score of 18-12. This high energy game ended with a combined  100 shots taken! It was a hearty combination of strong defense and aggressive offense that led them to snag a share of the Ivy League Title. Here are the gnomies that led Yale to victory:

Jack Tigh ’19

Brian Pratt ’17

Caymar Matini ’17


Kyle Deakins ’18: One Politically Active Gnomie!

Hi, I’m Kyle! I’m a Junior in D’port and I’m studying Political Science. I spend more or less every minute that I’m not in class in the Davenport library, the Dive, or in my room watching YouTube, and I’m pretty sure that I’ve only eaten in a different dining hall once this year.

I’ve been working as the videographer for the Yale Dems for most of the spring semester, and I recently finished up work on a Bulldog Days promo video. The project has been fun and rewarding for me, as I’ve been able to unite two of my passions, politics and film, and I’m working on something that has potential to make a tangible difference. Our DCC President @tresajoseph suggested that I be on this blog for the video, but really, I’d rather talk about what my future suite has in store…

I’m excited to be a part of the Cottage next year, and we’re all looking forward to hosting some of the best D’port social events you’ve ever been to. I’m talkin’ decades parties, holiday events, maybe even a potential darty? Who knows, the possibilities are endless. We’re trying to dig up all of the old Davenport traditions to bring back to life, and maybe start some of our own, and we hope to see all of you around next year!

Jefferson Mays: Tony Winner and Dporter!

Jefferson Mays is an American film, stage, and television actor. He has performed at La Jolla Playhouse, Long Wharf Theatre, the Williamstown Theatre Festival, and Playwrights Horizon.

For his performance in Doug Wright’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play I Am My Own Wife, Mays won many awards, including the 2004 Tony Award for Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Play.  In 2007, Mays gave two critically acclaimed performances on the Broadway stage, first as Henry Higgins in Pygmalion and then as Private Mason in Journey’s End. 

Notably, Mays starred in the 2013 Broadway musical, A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder, in which he played eight roles.  He wont the Outer Critics Circle Award for Outstanding Actor in a Musical, was tied for the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Actor in a Musical, and was nominated for the Tony Award for Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Musical.  After this, he acted in The Front Page (with Nathan Lane, John Slattery, and John Goodman) and is currently starring in J.T. Roger’s new play Oslo on Broadway!

And when Davenport’s theater representative met him in the fall of 2014, he got really excited when she mentioned her residential college at Yale and asked if Davenport’s mascot is still the gnome.  Once a gnomie, always a gnomie!

Jefferson Mays with the cast of A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder (where three of the four leads were played by Yale alums!)