Premier Discussions

Lunch with Evan Wolfson Davenport students got a rare opportunity to speak with Evan Wolfson, a renowned gay rights advocate, and founder and president of Freedom to Marry at a lunch in the Dining Hall with Head J-Witt on Monday October 2nd. Wolfson, who teaches at Georgetown Law School, discussed his experience fighting for marriage rights starting with [...]

Rose Taylor ’18: One High-Flying Gnomie!

Hi all! I’m Rose, a senior in Davenport. In the past, I spent 4 semesters organizing the committee to choose Davenport’s College Seminar. Now, I help coordinate the Mellon Forums for Davenport alongside previous Notable Gnomie Lilla Brody and noted olive oil enthusiast George Gemelas. You can also find me consuming cheesy foods and/or watching [...]