Senior Events and The Art of Watercolor

Martini Making Event On Monday night, Head of College John Witt and international man of mystery and Columbia Law School professor, Philip Bobbitt, hosted a Martini-Making Session for seniors. Seniors who attended described it as a "once in a lifetime experience." The Art of Watercolor: A Student Exhibition Last night, Professor Adam van Doren hosted the [...]

Empathy & Emotion in Performance + Soup Kitchen Volunteers

Mellon Forum: Lilla Brody and Sam Gurwitt Davenport seniors Sam Gurwitt and Lilla Brody presented their research at the fifth Mellon Forum of the year. They both discussed how they use their other academic interests to inform and inspire their performances. Sam, a History major, is also a very talented clown, who had to decide [...]

This Week’s Gnotable Gnome: A Fictional Gnomie !

This week's gnotable gnomie is the Gnome itself, the fictional protagonist of the Davenport holiday play!! The Davenport holiday play is a hallowed tradition; it happens every year after the holiday dinner.  This year, we will be putting on the second annual production of How The Gnome Stole Christmas, written by Kyle Deakins '18 and Isabel [...]

The Game Weekend Shows

Dreamgirls - 2017 Dramat Fall MainStage Musical Thursday, November 16 at 8:00 PM; Friday, November 17 at 2:00 PM and 8:00 PM; Saturday, November 18 at 8:00 PM University Theater, 222 York Street Gnomes: Anelisa Fergus, Ryan Howzell, Erin Kafadar There's nothing like a little sparkle to brighten up your weekend. Dreamgirls follows the  rise of the [...]