Last Week to Say You are Interested in an Event Then ACTUALLY Go!

This weekend and upcoming week is jam packed for Davenporters with exams, papers, and performances coming up. This weekend we have Sara Meyers (president of Yale Dancers), Allie Bensinger, and senior Kaylyn Williams performing in Educational Centers Art with Yale Dancers. This is Kaylyn’s last show so go out and see her kill it on stage.

Tonight, Red Hot Poker is performing at their biggest venue to date in Sudler Hall for their annual Most Offensive Show Ever Show (MOSES). DPort freshman Charlie Lee and senior Sophie Dillon will be performing for with the comedy group so if exams or papers have had you down go down to WLH to have some laughs.

Before Red Hot Poker if you want to swing by WORD Presents: The 40-Year-Old WORDgin and get a double dose of Sophie Dillon and Arya Sundaram performing original spoken word.

This Saturday, Danceworks is putting on two shows with Nick Friedlander on lights, Rushea Bartley and Daniel Robinson. Danceworks is Yale’s non-audition dance company that showcases the talents of every level of dance and every type of dance.

YSO also has its finale concert of the year: Mahler FIVE this Saturday.  Go out and support fellow gnomes George Gemelas ’18, Kimberly Lai ’18, Hannah Lawrence ’19, Monica Barbosa ’19, Dennis Zhao ’19, and Sofia Checa ’20.

Next week Sabrosura is having their annual Spring showcase in OBT with dancers including David Villacis, Stephanie Fernandez, and Victoria Solomon (president).  Nick Friedlander and Rushea will be designing lights. I have personally seen snippets of many of these dances and I can say that this show is a must see. From salsa to bachata to merengue to lambada, Sabro represents the dances of many Latin American countries that have been an important part of their culture for centuries.

Go out and support our artistic gnomies before its too late! Change your interested to going and see some of Davenport’s very own perform for some for the last time.


Last night I had a experience that was shooking. I went to see the Freshman Show, “Orlando” and I once again ask you, Why am I not that talented? The show featured Davenport’s own Jack McAuliffe and Nurit Chinn and transcended time gender and space all in 2 hours. The makeup and props were superb and the show had the audience roaring in applause. Nurit Chinn provided the audience with a superb British accent that, according to my sources, she has been practicing since birth solely for this role. Now that is what I call dedication . Head out and support our Davenport freshman in the show this weekend!

Davenport World Wide

This week in the arts, the sketch comedy group, Red Hot Poker, and the improvisation troop,  Viola Question, had a joint show in Morse/Stiles theater. The show featured Davenport’s own Charlie Lee in Red Hot Poker . Both groups killed the performance having the crowd roaring with laughter with their many sketches and skits.

There are not many upcoming arts performances in the next two weeks because most Davenporters will be on SPRANG BREAKKKKK! However, many vocally talented Davenporters are heading off in planes, trains, and cars to sing their hearts out around the world. Eva Branson, Allie Bensinger, Summer Kim, and Emily Everlith are heading off to Italy and London representing Something Extra and most importantly Davenport in Europe. Haley Mitchell-Adams and Emil Beckford are taking a road trip to Toronto representing Mixed Company. Camille Arboles is heading to Boston with Shades of Yale. Charlie Musoff, George Castillo, and Sammy Burton are flying to Miami then road tripping all the way back to New Haven. Cara Washington and Amrita Iyer are road tripping to Washington D.C. and back. Safe travels and healthy voices to all of our D-Porters!

Davenport Freshman Takes the Stage!


This week in Davenport Davenport’s very own freshman Tarek Ziad is cast in Angels in America; Millennium his third Yale show! It is considered one of the most influential plays of the 20th century. Tarek is freshman liaison of the Yale Drama Coalition and assistant growth and development officer for the Dramat. The show is about a character named Prior who gets AIDS and then his boyfriend Louis leaves him because he can’t deal with it. There’s also angels and ghosts and Tarek’s character is Prior’s best friend. Tarek supplies comedic relief at various points in what is otherwise a very heavy show. Lilla Brody ’18, a seasoned theater practitioner, described Tarek’s role and the show as “amazing! He killed it!” Catch Tarek on stage this weekend Friday and Saturday!

Davenport in Whiff and Whim 2017-2018

In February every year, the current classes of the two senior acapella groups, the Whiffenpoofs and Whim ‘n Rhythm, audition and “tap” the Yale juniors who will make up the following year’s groups.

Although no Davenporters were tapped for the 2017-2018 Whiffenpoofs, THREE Davenport juniors will be part of Whim ‘n Rhythm next year: Eva Branson, Summer Kim, and Haley Mitchell-Adams. They are featured in the above photo with the rest of their tap class! Mitchell-Adams will be coming  to Whim ‘n Rhythm from Mixed Company of Yale. Branson and Kim will be coming from Something Extra, for which Branson is the current business manager and Kim is the former musical director. Branson will be serving as the group’s assistant business manager and Kim will be serving as the assistant musical director.

Can’t wait to hear about their global travels next year!



What stage could you have seen DPorters on this week?

On Thursday, February 23rd, Davenport hosted an acapella combo with Baker’s Dozen and Red Hot and Blue coined “BreadHot &New!” The concert featured Davenport’s own George Castillo, Dani Schulman, Sammy Burton, Charlie Musoff, and Adam Burton. All were representing the class of 2020 except for A. Burton ‘2018. They killed the show and made D’Port so proud.

From Thursday to Saturday, the Opera Theatre of Yale College put up its 2017 spring mainstage, The Cunning Little Vixen. It was the Opera Theatre’s largest production yet, and Daveporters Saloni Rao ’20 and Sara Speller ’19 performed. Davenport senior Emma Clarkson ’17 produced AND stage managed, with Dporter Cheryl Mai ’19 as her assistant stage manager!

Davenporters Can Sing Really Well! Class of 2020 Edition

A Cappella has always been a huge part of Yale undergraduate life. This year, a whole heap of Davenport freshmen got into some of the premier groups on campus:

George Castillo: Baker’s Dozen

Charlie Musoff: Baker’s Dozen

Sammy Burton: Baker’s Dozen

Amrita Iyar: New Blue

Edward Gelernt: Out of the Blue

Dani Shulman: Red Hot and Blue

Thomas Battles: Red Hot and Blue

Cami Arboles: Shades of Yale

Allie Bensinger: Something Extra