Rose Taylor ’18: One High-Flying Gnomie!

Hi all! I’m Rose, a senior in Davenport. In the past, I spent 4 semesters organizing the committee to choose Davenport’s College Seminar. Now, I help coordinate the Mellon Forums for Davenport alongside previous Notable Gnomie Lilla Brody and noted olive oil enthusiast George Gemelas. You can also find me consuming cheesy foods and/or watching [...]

Daniel Diaz-Vita ’19: Everyone’s favorite socially conscious Gnomie

Hi! I’m Daniel Diaz-Vita and I’m a junior in Davenport! I’m majoring in Statistics and Data Science. I love Davenport so much that most of my extracurricular activities revolve around it. I’m an aid in the Head of College and I’m a Communication and Consent Educator (CCE). You can catch me answering phone calls and [...]