This Week’s Gnotable Gnome: A Fictional Gnomie !

This week's gnotable gnomie is the Gnome itself, the fictional protagonist of the Davenport holiday play!! The Davenport holiday play is a hallowed tradition; it happens every year after the holiday dinner.  This year, we will be putting on the second annual production of How The Gnome Stole Christmas, written by Kyle Deakins '18 and Isabel [...]

Rose Taylor ’18: One High-Flying Gnomie!

Hi all! I’m Rose, a senior in Davenport. In the past, I spent 4 semesters organizing the committee to choose Davenport’s College Seminar. Now, I help coordinate the Mellon Forums for Davenport alongside previous Notable Gnomie Lilla Brody and noted olive oil enthusiast George Gemelas. You can also find me consuming cheesy foods and/or watching [...]

Daniel Diaz-Vita ’19: Everyone’s favorite socially conscious Gnomie

Hi! I’m Daniel Diaz-Vita and I’m a junior in Davenport! I’m majoring in Statistics and Data Science. I love Davenport so much that most of my extracurricular activities revolve around it. I’m an aid in the Head of College and I’m a Communication and Consent Educator (CCE). You can catch me answering phone calls and [...]