Sarah Solovay: A Grammy-Recognized Davenport Alum!

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Monday: Alums / Uncategorized

This week we are featuring Sarah Solovay, Class of ’16!

Prior to attending Yale, Sarah was already a rising young singer-songwriter in the New York music industry, having written the Grammy-recognized single “Gone.” Her music had been used in TV shows like 90210 and The Lying Game and films like Joe Dante’s The Hole. In 2010, she even opened for John Mayer and Train on the “Battle Studies World Tour” and sold out Rockwood Music Hall herself in NYC.  One year later, she was featured in the New York Times.

In 2013, Sarah decided to take a break from her burgeoning music career to attend Yale as an American Studies major with a focus on Audio and Video Performance Culture. During college, she was listed as one of ten finalists in the 2013 Emerging Artist Competition.

Since graduating, Sarah has been featured in Substream Magazine, her single “Trick Me” reached #7 on Spotify’s Global Viral 50 playlist, and her single “Rough Draft” has received playtime on Sirius XM.

We can’t wait to see what other amazing things this DPort alum achieves in the future!

Read more about Sarah and her music:

Gnomies Take the Stage

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Posts! / Thursday: Artistic Gnomies

Prelude to Everything Else

Gnomies: ECR Chen ‘20, Tarek Ziad ’20

Mom and Son find themselves in their beach home in Cannon Beach, Oregon one late-autumn afternoon. After having lost significant others, they share intimate, awkward, and relatable stories for the first time, finding a way on.
Predicating its affective qualities through the poetics of movement, song, and design, the play explores the intricacies of the love—romantic and familial—that the characters hold for each other.

See them perform: March 30 and 31 at 8:00pm, and March 31 at 2:00pm in the Yale Repertory Theater

Groove Dance Company presents: The Future is Female

Gnomie: Cosette Davis ‘21

Groove Dance Company presents their 2018 Spring Showcase: The Future is Female. This semester’s showcase features choreography that pays special tribute to women. Also, Groove will donate a portion of all proceeds from this show to a local women’s shelter. Come out to see a great show and support a great cause!

See them perform: March 30 at 9:00pm, and March 31 at 2:00pm and 6:00pm in the Morse/Stiles Crescent Theater

Our First Gnominated Gnomie: Hudson Walberg ’19

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Posts! / Tuesday: A Gnotable Gnomie!

Hudson Walberg ’19 is the first Gnotable Gnomie chosen not by this college employee, but by the people of Davenport college! He received not one, but two nominations, because of how important he is to the Davenport community!

Hudson, in the words of Cody Clements ’19, is “the reigning DCC President and does so much for the D’port community. He’s just an all-around awesome guy.”  He’s more than just a hard-working Dporter though, as Chaney Kalinich ’19 shares that Hudson “is in Air Force ROTC and recently, he was offered (an accepted) a spot to become a pilot (which is really cool). He also is doing a stellar job of overcoming a major setback to his ROTC (and frisbee) career after tearing his ACL last summer. He also is just an incredibly friendly and thoughtful person; I don’t know that I’ve ever seen him in a bad mood, and he is always trying to brighten his friend’s days.”

Keep brightening your fellow gnomies’ days, Hudson!

Nelson Cunningham: One International Gnomie

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Monday: Alums

Our notable alum for this week is distinguished national and international policy strategist Nelson W. Cunningham, class of 1980!

From working as a staffer on John Kerry’s (YC ’66!) successful Senate campaign, to being hired by Rudy Giuliani to work as an Assistant US Attorney in the Southern District of NY in 1988, to serving as General Counsel of the Senate Judiciary Committee under Joe Biden, Mr. Cunningham’s unquestionable work ethic and expertise on foreign policy and national politics shone through even when he was a Yailie, having graduated magna cum laude from Yale College and later attending Stanford Law School.

After serving in the White House as Special Advisor to President Clinton on Western Hemisphere affairs and as General Counsel at the White House Office of Administration, Mr. Cunningham now leads as the President of McLarty Associates, a firm he co-founded in 1998, and maintains his connection to Yale as a board member of Yale-NUS College in Singapore.

Tresa Joseph and Megan Rasmussen ’18: Gnomies-in-Chief

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Posts! / Tuesday: A Gnotable Gnomie!

Tresa Joseph and Megan Rasmussen are Davenport seniors who have been beloved and active members of the Davenport community since their freshman year.  Joseph is a political science major interested in criminal justice reform, and Rasmussen is a psychology major on the women’s volleyball team.

They recently ended their tenure as joint presidents of Davenport College Council, but not before throwing one last Louisiana Soiree.  The Louisiana Soiree was their well-loved invention, and the Mardi Gras celebration has become a social staple for the Davenport family.

Can’t wait to see what these two women, leadership experience in tow, will take on after graduation!

Edwin Meese: 75th United States Attorney General

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In addition to being a student in Davenport College, Edwin Meese III was a political science major and held top leadership positions in the Yale Political Union, the Yale Debating Association, and the Conservative Party. Meese went to the University of California at Berkeley, Boalt Hall School of Law and took a leave to serve in the Army. He retired as a colonel in United States Army Reserve. He both practiced as an attorney at his solo law practice and became a law professor at the University of San Diego. During the Reagan administration, Meese held a variety of positions, including chairing the Domestic Policy Council. Meese was appointed to become the 75th Attorney General in 1985.

Enjoy some Company this weekend!

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Posts! / Thursday: Artistic Gnomies / Uncategorized

Company: A Senior Project in Theater Studies for Joshua Toro

Josh Toro ’18 will be putting up his senior project this weekend! Come support this Davenport senior by watching a great piece of theater.

Featured Gnomies: Josh Toro ’18, Anelisa Fergus ’19, Jamie Cleron ‘21, Samantha White ‘21

Over a series of dinner parties, first dates, and thoughtful conversations, Robert attempts to understand the pros and cons of marriage from his diverse and frequently hilarious friends, and begins to make sense of his own persistent bachelorhood. Company, Stephen Sondheim’s groundbreaking modern musical, is a mature, intelligent, and wildly funny look at relationships, vulnerability, and “being alive.”

See them perform: March 1, 2, and 3 at 8:00pm and Feb 3 at 2:00pm in the Whitney Humanities Center

Fun Home

Featured Gnomies: Mert Dilek ’18, Sarah Switzer, Cami Arboles ’20, Emma Levine ’20, ECR Chen ’20, Linday Daugherty ‘21, Tully Goldrick ‘21

“My dad and I both grew up in the same small Pennsylvania town, and he was gay, and I was gay, and he killed himself, and I… became a lesbian cartoonist.”

Fun Home tells the story of Alison at three different ages, as she grapples with memories of her charismatic, explosive father and comes to terms with her sexuality. Based on the acclaimed graphic novel memoir by Alison Bechdel, Fun Home is also the winner of 5 Tony Awards, a Pulitzer Prize finalist, and one of the only Broadway musicals to feature a lesbian protagonist. Hilarious, heart-wrenching, and ultimately hopeful, Fun Home is a new musical theater masterpiece.

See them perform: March 1, 2, and 3 at 8:00pm and Feb 3 at 2:00pm in the Off-Broadway Theater

Lux Improvitas and TBA Joint Show

Featured Gnomie: Tully Goldbrick ‘21

Lux Improvitas Presents: TBA (But We Don’t Mean That the Show Has Yet to Be Announced, We Mean That We Are Performing with An Improv Group from Brandies Whose Name is To Be Announced. In Fact, The Show is Very Much Announced, and This, It’s Title, Is that Announcement.) is coming to a theater near you (by which we mean The Hopper Cab) this very Friday (by which we mean March 2nd)! Twice the Improv Groups means twice the fun (by which of course, we mean that you were only expecting to see one improv group– Lux Improvitas– but instead you shall be blessed with two– Lux Improvitas and TBA)!! How much better can it get? (it can’t)

See them peform: March 2 at 9:00pm in the Hopper Cabaret

Otelia Cromwell Portrait Unveiling + Mellon Forums

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Friday: What's Going On in Dport / Posts!

Otelia Cromwell Portrait Unveiling

On Monday evening, Head of College John Witt unveiled the portrait of Otelia Cromwell, the first African-American woman to earn a Ph.D. at Yale. The portrait was created by Davenport Graduate Affiliate Kenturah Davis, MFA ’18. It’s an amazing work of art, ingeniously crafted out of Cromwell’s own words. Davis used the text of Cromwell’s letter to her father about her time at Yale, her bond with her family, and her endeavors as a scholar.

Mellon Forum: Alejandra Padin-Dujon & David Shimer

Davenport seniors Ale Padin-Dujon and David Shimer presented on their senior projects last week.

Ale (a Modern Middle Eastern Studies major) discussed, Rojava, the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (DFNS), a Kurdish feminist pseudostate in the midst of the Syrian Civil War. She talked about the ideological underpinnings of the DFNS, specifically its political forebear Abdullah Öcalan, who founded this specific localist political party and is now the object of a cult of personality from his space in a Turkish prison. She also described its constitution, which sets quotas for political representation to ensure there are at least 40% of one gender and how all of their ideals are pretty well actualized. However, Amnesty International and other human rights organizations have pointed out that the state probably does ethnic cleansing of Arabs. Questions in response to her talk included the following: Can we have utopias with local control like this? Or will these types of utopias always have something evil in them (i.e. ethnic cleansing) or be  ethnically homogeneous? Can a state like this exist outside of the particular conditions of the Syrian war? For more info on this group, click here.

David (a History major) discussed a Cold War Era political corruption scandal. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Social Democrat Willy Brandt barely won the election in West Germany by forming an alliance with the FDP against the conservatives. However, Brandt’s Ostpolitik reforms were controversial, and the Bundestag (Congress/Parliament) wanted to vote him out via a vote of no confidence. This vote was extremely close, so he just barely clung on to power. Recently, it came out that East German spies, the Stasi, bribed two Bundestag conservatives into abstaining. The spies cleverly figured out which Bundestag people had the worst gambling/drinking debts and picked those ones to bribe. One of these spies just released his memoirs in German, and David interviewed him, along with family members of the bribed representatives, while in Berlin this summer. He also looked at archival sources in the place where the German government keeps old Stasi documents. For more information on this incident, click here.